Dave Patten’s Success Story

dave-patten-2Dave Patten had been suffering with chronic back pain for years. As a programmer who had been on the job for over 30 years, this 46-year-old technical problem-solver had burning lumbar pain that traveled down both of his legs. He also experienced sharp, intense spasms that brought him to his knees. Dave began having difficulty with the simplest activities. It had gotten to the point where sitting at his desk and walking up steps were too difficult for him to manage.

While researching ways to solve his issues with back pain, Dave learned about Dr. Solomon Kamson. Dr. Kamson wanted to fix Dave’s problem, and he was happy to answer any of Dave’s many technical, detailed questions.

With the help of Solomon Kamson and the Spine Institute Northwest, Dave decided to take charge of his back pain so he could return to living a normal life. Dr. Kamson performed a two-level, minimally invasive lumbar fusion together with stem cell treatment.

Lumbar Fusion

This minimally invasive procedure is done using fluoroscopy to pinpoint the accuracy of the small incision and the subsequent placement of hardware. This type of lumbar fusion lessens tissue trauma and improves optics for surgeons like Dr. Kamson, so he can visualize the spinal structures through such a small incision. When compared with traditional spinal fusion, minimally invasive lumbar fusion results in less blood loss, requires a much smaller incision, lowers the risk of tissue and muscle damage and infection, and allows for a quicker recovery post-surgery. Special bone screws are put into place to fix the two or more vertebrae together.

With regenerative medicine, Dr. Kamson worked to also alleviate pain and repair damaged tissue in addition to help minimize scar formation.

Recovery from Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion

Dave Patten reports that his recovery was a bit slow in the beginning, as the fusion needs time to become appropriately established. In about two months’ time, however, he was back at work. With time, his body became stronger and, as a result, he is now a more active person. In fact, Dave is acutely aware of the difference in his life now that he is pain-free.

Without the stress and pain he was enduring before the treatments, Dave can now spend more time with his children, and his quality of life has been greatly improved. He’s also happy to refer anyone he knows who is having back issues to get in touch with Dr. Kamson at the Spine Institute Northwest in Bothell, WA.