Computerized Physical Therapy Exercises

supervised exercisesMedX is a physical therapy machine that offers computerized exercises to improve painful symptoms and strengthen back muscles. It’s also useful as a diagnostic tool to determine muscle strength of the back, neck, and knees. Dr. Solomon Kamson, MD, PhD, is a proponent of MedX computerized programs as an effective therapy for patients who are susceptible to injury following surgery or immobilization. It is also helpful as an adjunct pain relieving mechanism following minimally invasive surgeries of the types performed at the Spine Institute Northwest. MedX ‘s uses are often referred to as rehab, therapy, functional restoration, or medical exercise.

Many patients who suffer from chronic back pain have deconditioned, weakened spinal muscles. This often leads to herniated discs, facet conditions, and degenerative joint disease. A strong spine gives one a stable foundation so that healthy spaces exist between the vertebrae, which aids in preventing spinal compression. When treating his patients, surgeons such as Dr. Kamson are part of a team that often includes post-surgical or preventative physical therapy programs.

The experts at The University of Florida’s Center for Exercise Science performed a number of research studies involving equipment first built by Arthur Jones, developer of Nautilus Exercise Equipment and later on of MedX, Inc. What the researchers discovered was that MedX medical machines have the ability to isolate targeted muscles, thus eliminating the risk of impact injuries. This isolation feature also helps pinpoint areas of muscle that need improvement and strength-building. An accurate testing procedure developed by the MedX team involves sequential static contractions. The diagnostic test is done until the patient finds the point of isometric contraction at which no pain is felt.

Range of motion, muscle strength, pain reduction, and a return to normal function are the primary goals that Sol Kamson wishes his patients to reach using MedX therapy exercises. These medical supervised exercises are designed to give you the most effective ways of isolating, testing, and strengthening your lower back and neck muscles safely and efficiently. The entire program of MedX physical therapy exercises takes about an hour of your time, twice a week for 6-12 weeks in most cases.

The lumbar MedX machine stabilizes the pelvis, enabling isolation of the lumbar extensors. Cervical MedX equipment has chest pads to stabilize the upper torso and isolate the cervical extensors. This specific type of spine strengthening using MedX equipment aids in rehabilitation, even following other forms of treatment that haven’t worked.

Dr. Kamson can steer you to the correct physical therapy program for your needs, including MedX medical supervised therapy. Call the Spine Institute Northwest in Bothell, WA, today to find out more about ways in which we can help you alleviate your back and neck pain.