Relieve Your Back Pain with Regenerative Medicine

When you’ve tried everything short of seeking out traditional, extensive surgery for your back pain, things can seem dismal. Perhaps over-the-counter medications, back braces, acupuncture treatments, cortisone injections, and even physical therapy have not eased your chronic pain. You may fear that surgery is the next unavoidable step, involving a long hospital stay and months of required rest and physical therapy.

The good news is that regenerative medicine may now offer patients like you the opportunity to restore new health to your aching spine. Dr. Solomon Kamson, MD, PhD, at the Spine Institute Northwest, uses regenerative therapies to treat many causes of back and neck pain. The medicine injected uses stem cell tissues in combination with minimally invasive surgical techniques to renew your spine and improve healing and function. The stem cells used are harvested from your own body, so the chances of complication or infection occurring are extremely rare. Dr. Kamson injects these regenerative stem cells into the tissue of your spine in the area where you are experiencing pain. Once the cells are put into place, they begin to regenerate, aiding in the restoration of your spine.
image of platelet rich plasma
Regenerative medicine does not simply treat your painful symptoms. The stem cells work to heal the underlying cause of your pain. Stem cells are called Master Cells because they have the ability to regenerate and develop into all other types of cells. One therapy Sol Kamson uses at Spine Institute Northwest is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). Highly concentrated platelets from your own blood are injected into the area of pain, giving your body the potential to heal tissues and accelerate relief instead of simply masking pain. You will expect to see results in both pain relief and motor function within about a month after treatment. There is no hospital stay involved and very little post-recovery period.

At the Spine Institute Northwest, we can treat certain types of back and neck pain using regenerative medicine. Some types of conditions that Dr. Kamson and his team may treat in this way include herniated discs, annular tears, torn discs, or degenerative discs. If you suffer from chronic back pain, Dr. Kamson may be able to help you using regenerative therapies. When combining regenerative medicine with minimally invasive surgeries, a small incision is used to inject the treatment and complete the surgery. Scarring is minimal, recovery times are quicker, and complications are greatly reduced as compared with traditional back surgeries.

Contact Dr. Kamson at the Spine Institute Northwest in Bothell, WA, for a consultation and learn more about regenerative treatments.