Easy Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Back Health

If you have a problem with your posture, chances are you can probably feel it! Extended periods of poor posture can lead to back pain and even injury, so it pays to identify the root of your posture problem. This allows you to take the appropriate measures for realignment.

Dr. Solomon Kamson regularly sees patients who deal with pain that, had it been diagnosed early, could have been at least partially treated through behavior modification. When pain problems can be easily connected with behavioral issues, Dr. Kamson would recommend that you pursue behavioral solutions as your primary option. Conservative treatments like these should be tried before moving on to more intensive solutions.

Here are some noninvasive, conservative approaches that you can take to improving your posture and back health:

Yoga: Focus specifically on poses that lengthen the spine and help improve your muscle strength in your neck and back. Be sure to tell your yoga instructor that you have issues with posture or back pain, so that he or she can help you get the most from your practice and help ensure that you are not exacerbating your issue.

Balance Exercises: When you have correct posture, your body isn’t just properly aligned — it’s also balanced. Improving your balance can provide a natural way to correct your posture problems.

Fix Your Ergonomics: Practice self-awareness while you are at work. Posture problems related to the workplace can quickly become habitual — and since we spend so much time at work, it’s no surprise that these habits often turn into longer-term health issues. One idea: Do a quick search for pictures related to ergonomics and print one out to put by your desk as a regular reminder to correct your desk posture.

Don’t Sit Still: You may have heard news stories about scary research that says sitting is killing us. The good news: Even two minutes on your feet each hour is enough to overcome this problem. Get up and move around regularly. Standing up and walking around for a few minutes loosens your muscles, and will act like a reset button on your back and posture.

Get More Exercise: Even just a light workout that includes both cardio and muscle toning can make a huge difference for your back health. In addition, as posture problems like swayback can be related to obesity, talk to a doctor and a trainer about coming up with a weight loss plan as this could ultimately offer you significant relief for back pain.